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Interac E-Transfer is now available for our Canadian customers

Interac e-transferDue to high demand and as a solution to eliminate delays caused by physically mailing a cheque, FxRebateGurus.com is now offering Interac E-Transfer(also known as Interac Email Transfer) to our Canadian clients. This will ensure a timely payment of your monthly earned rebates and instant and free transfer of the money with no delay. We will be phasing out the cheque option as it is the least secure and slowest form of payment.

More about Interac E-transfer

Receiving money through Interac is very easy – all you need is a Canadian Bank Account with online access at one of the participating financial institutions and an email address or mobile phone number. You don’t need to give any more personal or financial information as it’s a secure and great alternative to cheques.

If you are a Canadian client and have a bank account and would like to receive your rebate payment through Interac, please select “Interac Transfer” in your payment details section under “My Account”. Also please ensure to provide your email address or mobile phone number that you would like to be notified by for your payment. Once this is set, every month, if you have more than $50 of accumulated rebates you will receive a payment notification from FxRebateGurus.com around the 15th of the month.

For more details and frequently asked questions about the Interac E-Transfer please read more on their website here.

How will Interac E-transfer work for rebate payments.

Interac E-transfer is only available in Canadian Dollars, however all rebates are calculated in USD.

The way the Interac E-transfer will work for rebate payments - on the day we send you the payment we will convert USD to CAD at a preferred rate that our bank is offering, this rate is around 1.5% below the actual interbank market rate(unfortunately that is the best deal we could find)

Interac Payment is totally free and will be available in your FxRebateGurus My Account - Details

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