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Human versus machine. Automatic trading or manual trading

humanvsmachineThe never-ending debate, is manual trading always more profitable than automated. Now this is a very hard topic and the comparison has to be made between similar systems being executed manually and automated.


Let’s look at the features of automated trading first:

  1. 1.The main advantage of Automatic trading is the 24/7 availability to trade. A system set up on autopilot can trade continuously without requiring any downtime.

The most predictable forex pairs to trade

predictable_forex_tradingA predictable currency pair will always continue after breaking a definite technical barrier, or hesitate and rebound off. A mcuh less predictable currency pair, will trade choppily and frustrate the trader.

Some currency pairs are very predictable, while others change over time.

Here is a ranked list of the 5 the most easily predictable pairs the past quarter of 2013 - Q3:


In a breakout, the cross tends to run up to a hgher target and immediately mark the newest trading range. Apart from range trading, it recently traded inside a nice downtrend channel. The current trend within the euro-zone are likely to stay intact and support the actual channel, making that cross exremely attractive in Q4. It’s also worth noting that round numbers on the opposite cross, GBP/EUR, affect the price as well.

Best time of the day to trade forex?

Forex markets trade round the clock which gives traders many opportunities to trade and make profits regardless of where they live and what their actual time zone is. Some traders might find it best to trade in the UK session; others might find it best to trade the US session. Read more below to find out how to select your trading session. We will also give a suggestion on how to maximize your trading rebates, as here at FxRebateGurus we are all about rebates.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that markets behave differently depending on the time of the day.


Risk management(i.e. how not to lose all your money in one trade)

Risk_Pen_and_paperRisk management stands out as the single most important concept to master when trading the forex marketplaces. Without good money management a very gifted trader will lose equally as much as a undesirable trader.Thus, while a good risk management system may well not fully relief a losing strategy, a winning tactic cannot have great results without good execution by the trader making the ultimate decisions

Mind-set of a successful trader

ladder_of_successWhether you are new on the markets or you are an experienced veteran you will probably be aware of the enormous role psychology plays in productive trading.

Financial markets swell within the hopes and fears of their participants, which often brings about market moves that you might have never exptected. Really, you only have to generate a small trade to experience the emotions that are included in putting your money in the hands of the market.

There are 5 main qualities you need to cultivate:

1. Learn who you are

2. Be positive

3. Conquer your emotions

4. Manage risk

5. Never stop learning

Forex Accumulation Distribution Indicator

The Forex Accumulation Distribution Indicator is a momentum indicator that measures supply and demand by determining whether traders are “accumulating” (buying) or “distributing” (selling) a particular financial instrument by identifying divergences between price and volume flow. The mathematical formula is represented as follows:

Acc/Dist = ((Close – Low) – (High – Close)) / (High – Low) * Period's volume

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