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CySEC Regulated Brokers

In the last few years many brokers have appeared on the forex scene operating from Cyprus. The reason is because of the low taxes in Cyprus and the recent EU accession(Cyprus joined the EU in 2003). This has allowed some brokers to start operating in Cyprus with relatively low capital requirements(€1-2M compared to $20M in USA), while providing customers with up to €20,000 coverage in case of broker default. As of November 1st, 2011, there were over 110 financial firms registered with CySEC. Below you will find all the forex brokers registered with CySEC , as well as rebate offers for some brokers, offered by FxRebateGurus

The €20,000 coverage is provided by the Investor Compensation Fund for customers of Cypriot Investment Firms. Most forex brokers will also hold customer funds in segregated bank accounts, which are not used for any other purpose other than customer trading activity. To read more about the fund click here.

FxRebateGurus offers trading rebates for the following CySEC regulated forex brokers, rebates are paid per round turn lot traded(100k traded).


Rebate Offer
Account Currency
Min Deposit
Min Trade Size
Max Leverage
Deposit Methods
Year Founded
More Info
Tadawul Rebates 0.80 pips per trade USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY $500.00 0.05 lots 500:1 2 pips Wire, MoneyBookers, PayPal, Credit/Debit Card 2006

Demo account:demo
FPA Review of LQD Markets

FxPro rebates

$2 on Majors, $4 on Minors, $8 on Exotics

USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY $500.00 0.1 lots 500:1 1.4 pips Credit Card, Neteller, Bank Wire, PayPal, Moneybookers 2008 Demo account:demo
FPA review of FxPRO
Trading-Point logo 0.5 pips per trade USD, EUR, GBP, JPY,CHF, AUD $5.00 0.01 lot 500:1 1.9 pips Credit Card, Wire Transfer, MoneyBookers, Neteller, 2010 Demo account: demo
FPA review of XEMakrets
Windsor rebates $ 5 per standrd round turn lot(standard acct.) USD $100.00 0.01 lot 500:1 2 pips Credit/Debit Card, Wire Transfer, E-Wallet 1988

Demo account: demo
FPA review of Windsor Brokers

IronFx logo

Major pairs : $3/rtl
Minor pairs: $6/rtl
Exotic pairs: $6/rtl
EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF $500.00 0.01 lot 500:1 1.1 Bank transfer, credit cards, Moneybookers and Neteller 2010

Demo account:

FPA Review of IronFX

FXCC logo

0.50 pips USD, GBP, EUR $500.00 0.01 lot 200:1 1 pip variable Credit/Debit, Bank Wire, Neteller, MoneyBookers and Union-Pay 2010

Demo account: demo
FPA Review of FXCC

How rebates work:

1. A trader opens an account through FxRebateGurus(using our referral links found on each broker's page), the broker knows that the trader was referred by us so we are compensated for the trader's trading activity.

2. We share a majority of this commission received. The rebates are per round turn lot(100k traded).

Below you will find a complete list of regulated forex brokers by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission(CySEC). These brokers are also part of the compensation scheme outlined above. The list is current as of June 1st, 2012
Name Website(s) License Number Year License Obtained
AGM Markets http://www.agm-forex.com/ 145/11 2011
Alpari Financial Services Ltd http://www.alparifs.com/ 129/10 2010
Atlas Capital Financial Services Ltd 085/07 2007
Colmex Pro Ltd http://www.colmexpro.com/ 123/10 2010
CommexFx Ltd http://www.commexfx.com/ 153/11 2011
Easy Forex http://www.easy-forex.com 079/07 2007
Eurivex Ltd http://www.eurivex.com/ 148/11 2011
FIBO Group Holdings Ltd http://www.fibogroup.eu/ 118/10 2010
FX Central Clearing Ltd http://www.fxcc.com 121/10 2010
FX Global Markets (FXGM) Limited http://www.fxgm.eu/ 074/06 2006
FxPro Financial Services Ltd http://www.fxpro.com, http://www.fxpro.co.uk 078/07 2007
iFOREX (Cyprus) Ltd http://www.iforex.com/ 143/11 2011
Infin Markets Limited http://www.infinmarkets.com 147/11 2011
Iron Forex LTD http://www.ironforex.com 125/10 2010
IronFX Financial Services Limited http://www.ironfx.com 125/10 2010
JFD Brokers Ltd https://www.jfdbrokers.com/ 150/11 2011
Leverate Financial Services Ltd http://www.leverate.com/ 160/11 2011
O.C.M Online Capital Markets Ltd http://www.askobid.com, http://www.xforex.com 108/10 2010
Pulp International Business Ltd http://www.fxpulp.com/ 095/08 2008
Reliantco Investments Ltd http://www.ufxmarkets.com/ 127/10 2010
RetailFX Ltd http://www.retailfx.com, http://www.etoro.com 109/10 2010
Safecap Investments Limited  markets.com, goforex.com, finexo.com,forexyard.com 092/08 2008
Seven Star Brokers Ltd http://www.sevenstarcyprus.com/ 130/10 2010
Tadawul FX LTD http://www.tadawulfx.com 103/09 2009
Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd http://www.trading-point.com 120/10 2010
TTCM Traders Trust Capital Markets Ltd https://www.traders-trust.com/ 107/09 2009
United World Capital Ltd http://www.uwcfx.com/ 093/08 2008
Whotrades Ltd (ex FINAM Ltd) http://www.finam.com.cy/ 073/06 2006
Windsor Brokers http://www.windsorbrokers.com 030/04 2004


The above list contains a total of 30 registered legal entities(as of June 1, 2012), our last list from November 2011, in comparison contained 16 registered forex brokers.

There are several brokers operating from Cyprus, however they have no license and CySEC has warnings against opening accounts with them.

To see the latest CySEC warnings check this page, there is 1 warning for 2012(so far), surprisingly a decrease from previous years, there are 13 warnings against companies for 2011 and 12 warnings for 2010. So we recommend against opening an account with any of the brokers that are listed there. In most cases these are brokers with offices in Cyprus but for whatever reason don't have a license to operate in Cyprus(in our opnion this is a huge red flag).

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0 #2 Alex Ivanov 2012-07-19 17:47
On FxRebateGurus.com all the forex brokers we work with are regulated. Nimal, there might be brokers that operate from Cyprus without a license but we don't work with them.

As per your comment to make it mandatory for all brokers to be regulated. NFA in the US has done that but it has forced brokers to move to another country rather than becoming regulated.

We just have to be vigilant and do research before we open a trading account with any forex broker.
0 #1 K. A. D. Nimal 2012-07-19 15:54
It appears that CySEC allows unregulated forex brokers to operate in Cyprus. In view of the existence of scam brokers why don't you make it mandatory for all brokers to be regulated?

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