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FSA Regulated Brokers Compensation Scheme

For forex brokers regulated by the FSA(UK), each investor is eligible for compensation in the event of default of the broker.
Below are the investment limits covered, and the claim process steps. The coverage is provided by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme - http://www.fscs.org.uk

Investment Limits:
The maximum level of compensation for claims against firms declared in default on or after 1 January 2010 is £50,000 per person per firm.

Forex Cash Back offers

The maximum level of compensation for claims against firms declared in default before 1 January 2010 is 100% of the first £30,000 and 90% of the next £20,000 up to £48,000 per person per firm.


The claim process usually involves the following stages(from fscs.org.uk):

  1. We receive a claim and investigate the firm in question, finding that they are unable, or likely to be unable, to pay such claims
  2. We declare that firm in default
  3. We may try to contact you with an application form. You are also welcome to contact us in the meantime
  4. You submit an application
  5. We review and process your claim
  6. We inform you of our decision in writing

FxRebateGurus offers trading rebates for the following FSA UK regulated forex brokers, rebates are paid per round turn lot traded(100k traded).

Rebate Offer
Account Currency
Min Deposit
Min Trade Size
Max Leverage
Deposit Methods
Year Founded
More Info
FxPro rebates

$2 on Majors, $4 on Minors, $8 on Exotics

USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY $500.00 0.1 lots 500:1 1.4 pips Credit Card, Neteller, Bank Wire, PayPal, Moneybookers 2008 Demo account:demo
FPA review of FxPRO
FXCM rebates 0.70 pips per trade USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, NZD


0.1 lot 200:1 2.6 pips Credit/Debit Card, Bank Wire, Paper Cheque 1999 Demo account:demo
FPA review of FXCM
Alpari Rebates 0.25 Pip rebate CHF, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, GLD(Gold) $200.00 0.01 500:1 1.6 pips Bank Wire, Credit Card 1998

Demo account: MT4 demo
FPA review of Alpari UK

How rebates work:

1. A trader opens an account through FxRebateGurus(using our referral links found on each broker's page), the broker knows that the trader was referred by us so we are compensated for the trader's trading activity.

2. We share a majority of this commission received. The rebates are per round turn lot(100k traded).


Following is a list of authorised by the FSA forex brokers. Note however, there are many other companies in the FSA register holding a status EEA Authorised, those companies don't qualify for the above mentioned coverage, however they might be coverd under another compensation scheme


Firm Name
License Number
Alpari (UK) Ltd - alpari.co.uk 448002 
Forex Capital Markets Limited fxcm.co.uk 217689
Gain Capital - Forex.Com UK Limited Forex.Com 190864
City Index Limited a.k.a FX Solutions cityindex.eu, fxsol.co.uk 113942
Activtrades Plc activtrades.com 434413
London Capital Group Ltd capitalforexpro.com, londoncapitalgroup.com 182110
 CFH Markets Limited cfhmarkets.com, cfhcompany.com/ 481853 
City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd cccapital.co.uk 232015
CMC Markets UK plc cmcmarkets.co.uk


Capital Market Services UK Ltd cmsfx.co.uk 488900 
Finotec Trading UK Limited finotec.com 470392 
FXPRO UK Limited fxpro.co.uk, fxpro.com 509956
GFT Global Markets UK Limited gftuk.com 438879
Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Limited hymarkets.com 186171
Hantec Markets Limited(Note, unable to hold client money in the UK, so coverage not in effect, company might have coverage by another regulator) hantecfx.com 502635 
ICAP Electronic Broking Limited(Note, unable to hold client money in the UK, so coverage not in effect, company might have coverage by another regulator) icap.com 191757 
IG Markets Limited igindex.co.uk, igmarkets.co.uk 195355 
Kerford Investments (UK) Limited kerford.co.uk 193030 
MF Global UK Limited(filed for bankruptcy) mfglobal.com 106052 
TTT Moneycorp Limited www.ttt.co.uk, moneycorp.com/ 308919 
ODL Securities Limited (Acquired by FXCM, maintains separate FSA license) odlsecurities.com 171487 
C B Financial Services Limited onefinancialmarkets.com 466201 
Plus500UK Ltd plus500.co.uk, plus500.com 509909 
R. Raphael & Sons Plc(Has a deposit-taking permission, in other words is operating as a bank) www.raphael.co.uk, raphaelsbank.com 161302
The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc (authorised firms has deposit-taking permission in the UK) http://marketindex.rbs.com 121882 
Saxo Bank A/S (EEA Authorised, so does not qualify for coverage under FSA, however saxobank has a banking license by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, so there is coverage provided there) saxobank.com 207519 
Sucden Financial Limited sucdenfinancial.com, sucdenfinancial.co.uk 114239 


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