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Stop trading the forex market. Invest in it!

Forex is associated with active trading, in fact very active trading, in and out in under 1 day type of scalping. However there are ways to invest in forex – we don’t mean buying a currency and waiting for profit. What if you could invest your money with a successful forex trader who trades for you.

With stock funds(mutual funds, ETF, Hedge Funds) you invest in trusted funds with elite fund manager known in the street. They buy and sell stocks for you. Good funds outperform their benchmark markets. Bad ones of course can lose you money, but funds are generally considered safer than trading on your own.

How to choose a forex broker

how_to_choose_a_forex_brokerWith the availability of hundreds and even thousands of forex brokers, every new forex trader is undoubtedly confused about what to look for and which forex broker is the best choice. Below we give you 7 tips to use when selecting a forex broker.

  1. Regulation: Regulated brokers are well respected in the forex community. They are fair with their clients and generally clients can feel that their money is safe. Losing the license the forex broker worked so hard to get, is something they will try very hard to avoid by at leasat providing a pleasant customer experience. The US NFA and CFTC, British FSA, Swiss FINMA, the Cyprus SEC and the Australian ASIC are all good stamps of approval for aMore than one license that a broker has even better, this would mean they are dedicated to serving their clients and are showing that they are financially sound companies. One thing to keep in mind, don’t just trust a broker’s site, Check out the official government sites of each regulatory body

10 ways to avoid being scammed in Forex

Forex_scamMany successful forex traders tell their stories of how they started and often those involve at least one example of how they lost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to ruthless scammers. We give you 10 ways to avoid scammers and less than ethical operations.

1. If it looks too good to be true maybe it is better to stay away.

Sites that promise automatic and big profits in no-time should raise your first suspicion. There’s no easy money in this market. Sites that try to sell such products will usually have only one page that showing blinking dollars and no serious explanations. The graphics are usually “loud” and not humble.

2. Talk to people. 

Talk to people at the company you are about to invest with, also ask the company for some client numbers/emails so you can get in touch. Any respectable company will have many happy clients who would be happy to share their experience. If the company is dodging your request… run.

How to eveulate a trading system

Buying and selling systems offer methods to trade forex markets exempt from emotion and distraction and may be easily utilized right now through various rear testing platforms such as those available from MetaTrader and also other vendors. MetaTrader also has a large community connected with users who it is possible to ask for help and there are plenty of other systems (called expert advisors) which can be downloaded and tested totally free.

Once you employ a system, however, you will need to be able to investigate it properly to help you to assess its ability to make future benefits. Most of these metrics might be calculated automatically because of your trading platform.

Liberty Reserve issues


Several clients have informed us and here at FxRebateGurus we have confirmed ourselves that the Liberty Reserve website is currently down. We use liberty reserve to pay many clients and the service has been great over the last year that we've been using it. Some of you are panicked that your money might be lost, and with full right. FxRebateGurus' account at LR also has funds and we currently have no idea if/when we will be able to get access to our funds


When we wrote this blog post there was uncertainty around why LR had gone down. It has now been confirmed by reputable news agencies that LR has indeed been shut down by the FBI and Costa Rican Authorities. Read below!

BBC News - Liberty Reserve digital money service forced offline

Liberty Reserve Shut Down: Cybercrime Community In Disarray | SiliconANGLE

Forex Magnates directory review

forex-magnates-directory-logoToday we present the ForexMagnates forex directory a comprehensive database of all forex related companies. The list of companies is growing daily and to date includes over 200 forex related websites, brokers, forex regulators and many more categories.

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