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Liberty Reserve issues


Several clients have informed us and here at FxRebateGurus we have confirmed ourselves that the Liberty Reserve website is currently down. We use liberty reserve to pay many clients and the service has been great over the last year that we've been using it. Some of you are panicked that your money might be lost, and with full right. FxRebateGurus' account at LR also has funds and we currently have no idea if/when we will be able to get access to our funds


When we wrote this blog post there was uncertainty around why LR had gone down. It has now been confirmed by reputable news agencies that LR has indeed been shut down by the FBI and Costa Rican Authorities. Read below!

BBC News - Liberty Reserve digital money service forced offline

Liberty Reserve Shut Down: Cybercrime Community In Disarray | SiliconANGLE

We do sincerely hope LR comes back as FxRebateGurus has many users whose only way of dealing with online deposits is via Liberty Reserve, and that doesn’t mean they are laundering money as has been suggested the majority of LR users do. LR is simply a great payment system that happens to be extremely secure and very reasonably priced.

Until further notice we are suspending payments via LR, any clients wishing to use alternate payment methods such as PayPal or Skrill(MoneyBookers) are welcome to do so. To read more about the payment methods we offer please click here

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