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Comparing forex brokers

When comparing forex brokers every trader has their own criteria. Here we will look at some universal criteria that we believe is a good place to start when comparing forex brokers. The criteria is Trading spreads, leverage, trading conditions, spread rebates.

Trading spreads

If you’re a very active forex trader, then spreads are a huge factor for you when choosing a forex broker. Think of it this way, if you trade 100 lots per month, and one broker offers 3 pips spreads and another offers 2.8 pip spreads then the difference in cost for you will be 100lots*$2 = $200 per month.

Forex brokers, comparison based on spreads and spread rebates

Which_forex_broker_is_the_bestHere at FxRebateGurus we are asked very often which forex broker is the best, or which is the one offering the lowest spreads. These are hard questions to answer so we created a table comparing advertised spreads and rebates we offer. The following table compares forex brokers based on their advertised rates, this table does not encompass 100% of the brokers we offer however we've tried to list the most competitive and most popular brokers. Note that some brokers offer variable spreads so it’s hard to estimate what spread will be offered at any point in time. So when considering forex brokers, please consider all variables such as trading conditions, execution etc.

How to choose a forex broker

The_best_forex_brokerWhen choosing a forex broker, a trader has many different options. On our website your will find 12 forex brokers, and the list is constantly increasing. There are forex brokerages from all around the world. A new trader might find such a wide variety very confusing when trying to select a good forex broker.

We are asked daily by clients, what each broker's strengths and weaknesses are. So here are some important distinctions between different brokers:

Special Drawing Rights(SDR) a new reserve currency?

GlobalCurrencySDRs are supplementary FX assets defined and maintained by the IMF(International Monetary Fund). While the SDR is not a currency but a claim to currency, the SDR is seen by some economists as a possible replacement of the USD as the world’s reserve currency. The IMF maintains a public page displaying current SDR per currency unit values – here

The world is in search of a new world currency to replace the volatile USD. Will this be the SDR or perhaps the Euro. Let's see what the SDR is and whether or not it has the potential to be the next world currency

The basics

The SDR was created in the 1960s to combat problems similar to what the Chinese Yuan is experiencing today. When the SDR was started the Bretton-Woods fixed exchange rate system was in place.

How Cash back works.

Here at FxRebateGurus we help you get the most out of the forex market. By giving you a cash back rebate for every trade you make winning or losing, we increase your profitability. For example, if you sign up with Tadawul FX through us, you will receive 0.85 pips rebate per trade, what that means for you is if you trade 10 lots per month, every month you will be receiving $85 from us.

Last Updated on Monday, 10 October 2011 17:33

Metatrader 5 overview and comparison with Metatrader 4

MetaTrader5Metatrader 5 has been out for some time now, but to my knowledge no brokers yet offer live MT5 accounts. At the moment MT5 is only available for demo testing. MT5 has pretty much maintained its look, it’s very little changed from MT4.

What’s new visually in MT5 compared to MT4

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