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Searching for the right forex broker? You've come to the right place

When starting out in forex and even experience traders are faced with the daunting task of selecting a forex broker. It could be mindboggling to find out that there are thousands of forex brokers out there. And many are, to say the least, shady.

Here at FxRebateGurus.com we offer forex rebates, but thatís not all we offer, we also offer a peace of mind, when you choose a broker we offer you can be sure that broker will not close up shop tomorrow and run with your money.

Are forex rebates the real deal?

We are asked almost daily by prospective clients if forex rebates are actually a real thing or are they just a marketing scheme.
The answer is yes Forex rebates are the real deal. Rebates are real and thousands of traders are benefiting from this extra boost in profit every month. The way rebates work can be seen in the image below.

ASIC finds several forex brokers in violation of client money handling requirements.


Recently the ASIC(Australian Securities and Investments Commission) released the results of its investigation into client money handling and reconciliation practices by issuers of OTC CFDs and margin FX.

 ASIC embarked on a industry wide investigation last December(2011) and is halfway done as of the beginning of June. The ASIC is the first majour regulator in the world to undertake a majour review of it's registrants after the 2008 financial crisis.

Extreme volatility in the markets expected on Sunday June 17th


This coming Sunday, June 17th 2012, Greek elections are going to be a highly anticipated event, all market participants will be watching closely. The outcome of the Greek election could pave the way of a EU exit by the Greeks or could solidify their position regarding austerity measures, all depending on who wins the elections. Some journalists are calling these elections a referendum on the Euro. 

US Forex brokers, trading volumes for April 2012

The total Amount of client deposits at Forex Brokers and FCMsfutures commission merchants)has increased in April by $11.4 million, a 1.47% increase. However the adjusted net capital has decreased by 52.6 million a 5.97% decrease.

FxPRO receives a full FSA license

FxPRO_Logo_BlogToday we have great news about FxPro, one of Europe's largest retail FX firms. A few days ago FxPRO announced that they have expanded their UK operations, including the upgrading of their UK FSA license.

Previously, FxPro UK was licensed only as an introducing broker to its parent company, based in Cyprus. As part of this introducing service FxPro UK still had conducted full identification and anti-money laundering checks, however the clients traded with the Cyprus parent company, FxPro Financial Services Ltd.

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