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Timing Trades with Fibonacci Retracements

This article is part of a series of articles we've written on different aspects of technical analysis: GBP/USD trading system, how to use williams %R, and others

Swing traders would find the Fibonacci retracement patterns very useful when identifying trend reversal on the activity chart. The first thing that you should be aware of is the fact that Fibonacci tools are best suited for trending markets. The idea is simple; it expects traders in an upward trending market to go long on retracement at a Fibonacci support level and in a downward trend when price retraces at a Fibonacci resistance level to go short.

Benefits of Forex Rebates with UK brokers

A forex rebate programme is a popular way of earning extra bucks in the market today. No doubt forex trading itself has enjoyed a lot of widespread popularity lately. This has given it a global presence and allowing it offer a wide range of trading engineering and systematic support. A forex rebate programme basically can be employed by investors to lower transaction costs. Forex rebate can be defined as a cash back that a forex investor/trader is eligible to receive on a trade they make.

Who's To Blame for Spikes in the forex market.

broker-stealingSpikes in any market are defined as quick, steep or fast rallies that are seen in the prices of an instrument. On the tick chart spikes can be seen clearly, a period of slow moving price action followed by a spike up or down which within second reverses back to pre-spike levels. Some of the known causes of spikes in the market are attributed to major fundamental economic releases such as the famous NFP or Non-Farm Payroll, other news releases also cause spikes, however there are spikes that are not caused by a news release but simply by the forex broker quickly changing their pricing in an attempt to catch traders off guard and hit pre-existing stop loss orders. It is not surprising that we find a huge number of investors losing money during spikes in the forex market as they are caught of guard.

Lessons learned from broker bankruptcies around the world

Recently we have seen a huge wave of bankruptcy sweep through the financial markets. It is no more secret that a lot of financial institutions out there were overly exposed to the global financial meltdown and subsequently further exposed their clients to extreme risk. The market comprises of big players and small players alike, but it is interesting to note that as small market players get bigger in the business, they tend to move closer to the major players in the market big investments banks, hedge funds, mutual funds. Basically, the big players constitute around 75% of the currency market capitalization.

A thorough forex broker comparison

At FxRebateGurus our job is to help our clients pick the best forex broker, and minimize trading costs wherever possible, thats why we are the FX Rebate Gurus. To do that we are constantly increasing the roster of brokers we work with. Currently our forex broker comparison table is possibly the best comparison table available anywhere; however we want to provide even more value for clients.

We have recently embarked on a mission, to open accounts with every single one of the forex brokers we offer and document all pros and cons we encounter, using several criteria:

TradeNext has been added to our rebate offers

TradeNext logoWe are pleased to intrudece an FSA regulated broker from London, offering very competitive spreads, TradeNext is the latest broker to be added to our rebate offers. 

Why was TradeNext Started:

The emerging markets now have more growth opportunities than many parts of the developed world. After the 2008 global recession, when most developed economies were showing negative growth, countries like China and India were still in positive growth.

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