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BOJ may keep on stimulating into 2014

The overnight Asian session started great, with investor optimism that the Bank of Japan would keep its monetary stimulus, even with the FOMC potentially starting to ease back on their own stimulus program. Trade data released recently has Japan posting a •1.29tn trade deficit for the month of November, the widest deficit since January of this year as inflated energy costs due to a weaker yen buoyed the y/o/y increase in the value of imports. A weakening yen will help support Japanís export focused economy, but it also increases the value of imported energy costs, and unless Japan can turn around its nuclear program, any further downward pressure on the yen is unlikely to materially impact the trade deficit unless global growth suddenly picks up. The Nikkei ended is session higher by 2.02%, while USDJPY makes an assault on the 103 handle midway through European trade.

The Fed taper is a now only a matter of time, but will it boost the dollar?

The economic and political hurdles to the US Federal Reserve to taper their bond purchases are steadily being removed so that it is almost a dead certainty Ė but donít expect it to necessarily spur a USD rally, at the very least not yet.

It appears Democrats and Republicans are closing in on a deal over the US funds, which looks likely to stay clear of a confidence damaging shut-down of the federal government early next year. On the economic front the surprisingly strong US jobs numbers the other day and positive revisions to GDP are powerful incentives to get started reining in the Fedís $85 billion a month bond purchasing programme.

EUR/USD heading to multi year highs

EUR/USD has just reached and surpassed its previous resistance target at 1.3700, establishing a new 5-week high. This advance comes after a whole month of bullish price action as the EUR rose steadily from its 1.3300 support level against the USD in early November, which was the low of the last major downside correction.

The EUR now has a clear upside potential towards the 1.3830 are, which was last reached in late October. Any further breakout above that level would confirm a bullish trend, with a further upside objective at the 1.4000 level. As the pair is currently showing substantially overbought indications, however, another pullback is potentially due. Key downside support on this potential pullback within the current bullish trend tentatively resides around the 1.3600 level.

Stop trading the forex market. Invest in it!

Forex is associated with active trading, in fact very active trading, in and out in under 1 day type of scalping. However there are ways to invest in forex Ė we donít mean buying a currency and waiting for profit. What if you could invest your money with a successful forex trader who trades for you.

With stock funds(mutual funds, ETF, Hedge Funds) you invest in trusted funds with elite fund manager known in the street. They buy and sell stocks for you. Good funds outperform their benchmark markets. Bad ones of course can lose you money, but funds are generally considered safer than trading on your own.

Human versus machine. Automatic trading or manual trading

humanvsmachineThe never-ending debate, is manual trading always more profitable than automated. Now this is a very hard topic and the comparison has to be made between similar systems being executed manually and automated.


Letís look at the features of automated trading first:

  1. 1.The main advantage of Automatic trading is the 24/7 availability to trade. A system set up on autopilot can trade continuously without requiring any downtime.

How to choose a forex broker

how_to_choose_a_forex_brokerWith the availability of hundreds and even thousands of forex brokers, every new forex trader is undoubtedly confused about what to look for and which forex broker is the best choice. Below we give you 7 tips to use when selecting a forex broker.

  1. Regulation: Regulated brokers are well respected in the forex community. They are fair with their clients and generally clients can feel that their money is safe. Losing the license the forex broker worked so hard to get, is something they will try very hard to avoid by at leasat providing a pleasant customer experience. The US NFA and CFTC, British FSA, Swiss FINMA, the Cyprus SEC and the Australian ASIC are all good stamps of approval for aMore than one license that a broker has even better, this would mean they are dedicated to serving their clients and are showing that they are financially sound companies. One thing to keep in mind, donít just trust a brokerís site, Check out the official government sites of each regulatory body

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