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FxRebateGurus Frequently Asked Questions

1. How come fxrebategurus.com can give me cash back for every trade I make?

FxRebateGurus operates as a business introducer(sometimes know as Introducing Broker, Referring Broker or Referring Agent), as such we're compensated with a percentage of the spread. Different brokers offer us different incentives to send clients to them, but we always pass a big portion of this commission back to you - the trader. Of course we keep a small portion of those rebates to cover our expenses

2. Can I get cash back on brokers that are not listed?

In some cases yes, but please contact us with your specific broker in mind and we will be able to answer your question.

3. Can I get cash back on a broker I already have an account with?

In most cases, yes. Please contact us for more details.

4. Do I get rebates for both winning and losing trades?


5. What is a round turn lot?

A completed trade; a position that has been both opened and closed.

6. I have not received a payment yet, is something wrong?

If you haven't received a payment yet there could be a few reasons:

- Your accumulated rebates are less than $10.
- You might have not selected a payment method, therefore we don't know where to send you a payment.
- We haven't made a payment for the month yet(we pay rebates by the 25th of the month).

If you still haven't received a payment by the 25th of the month please contact us and we will look into your issue.

7. How do I provide my payment information?

Go to your My details page under My Account

8. What payment methods do you offer?

We currently offer the following payment methods:

Bank Wire - $200 minimum, fees vary depending on your location and are charged by our bank, please contact us for the fees.

Interac e-transfer - $50 minimum(Paid in Canadian dollars, converted to CAD on the payment date)

Moneybookers - $10 minimum

Paypal - $10 minimum

Liberty Reserve - $10 minimum

More info

9. When does my rebate/cash back show up in my account panel

We pay rebates monthly by the 25th of the month. For the first 6 months of 2014 we have paid rebates on average around the 22nd of the month

10. What can I do if I have received wrong rebate amount?

Mistakes do happen and we are always willing to correct any mistake on our part. Simply contact us and explain the situation and we'll be happy to assist you.

11. Can you deposit directly into my trading account?

No, unfortunately brokers don't allow this option!

12. Is there any criteria I must meet to receive cash back?

There are no minimum earnings you must generate to receive cash back. If you have selected a payment method requiring a minimum payment and your account balance is below this, your account balance will carry over until either you change the payment method, or your account balance reaches the amount required to issue payment.

13. Do my spreads increase if I open an account through you?

No! Your trading won't be affected in any way when you sign up through Fx Rebate Gurus.

end faq

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