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How Cash back works.

Here at FxRebateGurus we help you get the most out of the forex market. By giving you a cash back rebate for every trade you make winning or losing, we increase your profitability. For example, if you sign up with Tadawul FX through us, you will receive 0.85 pips rebate per trade, what that means for you is if you trade 10 lots per month, every month you will be receiving $85 from us.

 This figure, 10 lots per month is pretty conservative, if you were a higher volume trader and trade 50 lots per month, that means every month we'll give you $425. So in other words, if you had a $5000 account and you're an active trader, trading 0.5 lots per trade(to keep your risk low), and you're making around 4-5 trades per day, in a 20 day month you will have accumulated 50 lots of volume for the month, and we'll send you the $425 check, that's a gain of almost 10% whether you made money from your trading or not.

You might ask yourself how we can afford to give you such high trading rebates. Well, we're paid by the brokers to send business to them and get compensated on every trade you make, and we are passing on over 70% of what we receive to you. This is a win-win situation for you so go ahead and sign up with any of our regulated forex brokers.

Some real life examples below(names not shown for privacy reasons):

1. Customer Mr. S - Traded over 1000 lots in the months of June-July 2011, using an expert advisor. Trading with a Pepperstone Razor account, the customer was able to earn over $700 for that period.

2. Customer Mr. B - Earned over $200 in the months July - August, by trading on his AAAFX and FxPro accounts.

3. Customer Mr. M - Traded on AAAFX with zulutrade since February 2011, and has so far earned over $700 in rebates.

There are hundreds of other examples like these 3 customers. Anyone can sign up through FxRebateGurus to earn rebates, it's as simple as choosing your forex broker and clicking on our affiliate link. Once you've been referred by us the broker will start paying us monthly and we will in turn provide rebates for you.


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