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Benefits of Forex Rebates with UK brokers

A forex rebate programme is a popular way of earning extra bucks in the market today. No doubt forex trading itself has enjoyed a lot of widespread popularity lately. This has given it a global presence and allowing it offer a wide range of trading engineering and systematic support. A forex rebate programme basically can be employed by investors to lower transaction costs. Forex rebate can be defined as a cash back that a forex investor/trader is eligible to receive on a trade they make.

Basically, this process relies on a profit sharing formula that allows the forex trader and the rebate provider share in the greens. Getting forex rebate on most of the UK forex providers is possible via the following steps:

1. You need to open a trading account with a forex firm via FxRebateGurus(avoiding the broker directly).  See below for UK based forex brokers offered

2. When you do to this, the forex broker would automatically place you in the introducer’s group (FxRebateGurus). From your first trade placed on your newly opened account, you will receive rebates. This compensation is proportional to your transaction fees every time you initiate a trade. Transaction fees could be your spread or additional fees you pay on top of the spread in the case of ECN accounts, this depends on your account type with the broker you choose to open an account with.

Top forex brokers in the UK offering rebates through FxRebateGurus:

Alpari UK

Alpari UK provides a huge number of financial products to its customers with speed, robustness and efficiency. In line with the fact that they offer a 100% free sing up, and no deposit fees whatsoever. Alpari UK offers great spreads as well as commission based accounts with even lower spreads. Some of the rebates that you stand to enjoy:

Forex pairs: 0.25 pips per round turn completed trade

Metals - 2.77 Cents per troy oz. on gold transactions (1 standard lot = 100oz); 0.277 cents per troy oz on silver transactions (1 standard lot = 5000oz).

Alpari UK Pro Accounts get $5 per million round turn.


To be eligible for such offers, you’ll have to open a new live account with through FxRebateGurus, or contact support and we can provide you with a form to designate an IB provided you have not been introduced by another IB

Rebates offered for FXCM UK accounts through FxRebateGurus:

Forex pairs: 0.7 pips per round turn lot

Gold gets a rebate of 2.91 pips.

Oil and Silver  -0.287 pips 

FxPro UK

There are are no restrictions to earning rebates with FxPro UK. All trades will earn you forex rebates. You can setup your account easily through FxRebateGurusThis

Rebates offered for FxPro UK:

Forex pairs – up to $4 per round turn 100k traded

The Truth

The truth is simple, the forex market is extremely volatile and this makes it hard to stay consistent in profits. The market does offer a host of forex strategies that can be combined, but adding a forex rebate to any trading strategy will add to your profits. Forex rebates offer an almost guaranteed way of staying positive – all we need is that little edge in the market, why not take advantage of this.

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