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TradeNext has been added to our rebate offers

TradeNext logoWe are pleased to intrudece an FSA regulated broker from London, offering very competitive spreads, TradeNext is the latest broker to be added to our rebate offers. 

Why was TradeNext Started:

The emerging markets now have more growth opportunities than many parts of the developed world. After the 2008 global recession, when most developed economies were showing negative growth, countries like China and India were still in positive growth.

Many firms in Europe have entrered the emerging markets but with little success.Tradenext was set up with the idea of taking the most successful industry in the UK, (Financial Services) and exporting it to the growth markets whilst retaining the high standards of compliance and corporate governance that the UK financial services is renowned for.

The rebate offer:

All clients who open an account through FxRebateGurus with TradeNext will receive a rebate of 0.6 pips per trade for all forex pairs. The spreads offered by TradeNext can be seen here

To start earning rebates, head over to our TradeNext rebate offer page and open a trading account using the link supplied

Why trade with TradeNext:

TradeNext is a true STP(Straight through processing) forex broker. Trading with an STP forex broker gives the trade a confidence that the broker will not interfere with pricing in any way. Moreover an STP forex broker is able to provide very low trading spreads.


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