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The most predictable forex pairs to trade

predictable_forex_tradingA predictable currency pair will always continue after breaking a definite technical barrier, or hesitate and rebound off. A mcuh less predictable currency pair, will trade choppily and frustrate the trader.

Some currency pairs are very predictable, while others change over time.

Here is a ranked list of the 5 the most easily predictable pairs the past quarter of 2013 - Q3:


In a breakout, the cross tends to run up to a hgher target and immediately mark the newest trading range. Apart from range trading, it recently traded inside a nice downtrend channel. The current trend within the euro-zone are likely to stay intact and support the actual channel, making that cross exremely attractive in Q4. It’s also worth noting that round numbers on the opposite cross, GBP/EUR, affect the price as well.

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The kiwi usually appears on such list, and this time around it is present as well. The higher volatility adds several pips to the actual relatively predictable moves. The central bank has attempted to verbally intervene and was ignored. That makes trading somewhat more natural. Breakouts are usually clear and easily seen.


The world’s most favored pair had a pleasant technical behavior in Q3, creating both a double bottom and making a nice clear break above uptrend resistance. Things will probably change in Q4 to as we begin to understand where the EU economy is headed and uncertainty (especially with Germany). There could bechoppier trading ahead. However, this pair is better than a good many others, with support and resistance lines working quite well. The pair is still better in variety trading than inside breakouts.


This pair of usually sleepy set of two demonstrated nice downwards moves in Q3, making a nice break beneath uptrend support. It’s directional trading is not bad, but range trading needs improvement. It tends to be able to respect old help and resistance lines rather than necessarily more new ones.


The Aussie capped the list before but now merely closes the list. It still trades in well, but tends to manufacture a few more untrue breaks than before. In Q4, it's quite possible to continue directionally. Looking at the past, it has better chances for being more predictable in the course of Q1.

The Swiss franc is limited in movement as a  result of the floor the SNB added under EUR/CHF. USD/JPY had a nice trading period in the past few Qarthers, but it is now directionless and choppy. Two contradicting channels might be drawn on the actual charts.

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