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Stop trading the forex market. Invest in it!

Forex is associated with active trading, in fact very active trading, in and out in under 1 day type of scalping. However there are ways to invest in forex – we don’t mean buying a currency and waiting for profit. What if you could invest your money with a successful forex trader who trades for you.

With stock funds(mutual funds, ETF, Hedge Funds) you invest in trusted funds with elite fund manager known in the street. They buy and sell stocks for you. Good funds outperform their benchmark markets. Bad ones of course can lose you money, but funds are generally considered safer than trading on your own.

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Funds allow you to invest in stocks without the hassle of buying and selling stocks by yourself. But not all mutual funds are equal – as mentioned above they may underperform and have a yield lower than the broad market, or individual stocks.

In forex trading, there’s always a currency that goes up, rising against another currency. This is one of the main drivers of traders into forex trading. Good traders buy and sell currency pairs in different frequencies, and profit off the changes in prices.

Forex trading takes time, and some traders get addicted to it. Gluing their face to the screen and watching every pip move up or down is way too common with traders. Some of these traders are very successful and can make hundreds of percent gain per year, which compared to funds is a huge increase. A regular fund that is considered extremely profitable makes 30% per year.
The solution is investing in forex traders who are successful at their trading. They trade all the time, but good forex traders are hard to find. So how can we find a good trader and trust our money with them?

Some 75% to 95% of retail traders lose money. If you follow the losing ones, you lose money the same way that you lose money with underperforming mutual funds that specialize in stocks.

There are quite a few services offering the trader the option to automatically follow traders. We will talk about zulutrader. Why? Not only because We’re affiliated with them and can give rebates on ZuluTrade accounts. But because zulutrade could be the missing link between you and the forex market. Zulutrade could be your way to finally make a profit without spending sleepless nights trading or worrying about your positions.

Professional traders trade in their own, real, live account. We advise you to look for traders trading only real accounts, no demo accounts. This eliminates the conflict of interest, if the trader makes money so do you.
ZuluTrade is regulated by the NFA, one of the toughest regulatory bodies.

To read more about zulutrade head to our ZuluTrade page or read this blog post.

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